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MPI Accessories

We have a complete range of artificial test pieces & accessories used in magnetic particle inspection. Test pieces includes ASTM PI Gauge, Ketos Ring, QQI Shims, Burmah Castrol Strips, MTU Test block & magnetic stripe card. Range of Accessories includes Analog & Digital Gauss Meters, UV Protection Goggles, Steady Rollers, Copper Braided Contact Pads, Magnetising Cables & Prods, Centrifugal tube, threader bars & dry powder spray bulbs.

Copper Braided Contact Pads

Product Description:

We manufacture copper braided contact pads for use in magnetic particle inspection machines. There are two types of pads. Type 1 are fixed on contact plates with screws and are compatible with Magnaflux machines. The other model has provision of hooks, through which it can be hanged on the contact plates for easy replacement. These pads can be made as per size of contact plates in your machine.

Centrifugal Tube

Product Description:

Centrifugal tube also called pear shaped tube is used to measure concentration of magnetic power in the bath. The capacity of this tube is 100ml. The solutions takes around 15-20 minutes to settle down and the powder can be clearly seen at the bottom. It is suited for powders with mixing ratio of 1-10 gms/Litre.

ASTM Pie Gauge

Product Description:

ASTM PI Field Indicator is used to check the presence and direction of magnetic field. It comes with a non ferrous handle for easy placement on the job. Artificial cracks are generated in an octagonal test piece. Lines which are perpendicular to the magnetic field give indications. Meets Requirements of ASTM E1444.

Quantitative Quality Indicators Shims

Product Description:

QQI's (Quantitative Quality Indicators) are magnetic particle test pieces with artificial defects used to verify proper field direction and adequate field strength. QQI's are very thin and flexible to conform to the geometry of the test piece. They must be held in intimate contact with the test piece by either tape or glue. Meet Requirements of ASTM E1444.

Ketos Ring

Product Description:

Used for System Performance Test

Meets ASTM E1444 requirements

Drilled holes simulate subsurface discontinuities

Form surface indications at various magnetizing levels

Comes with a copper central conductor

Prod Machines Cables

Product Description:

Flexible Copper Cables available in 70mm2 and 120mm2.

Standard lengths are 3m, 5m & 10m. Other lengths can be made on order.

The Sheath of these cables is made from rubber instead of PVC. This makes these cables crack resistant and they can be used with Portable & Mobile Crack Detectors giving a long service life.

Analog Residual Field Indicator

Product Description:

This needle type magnetic field indicator is used to measure residual magnetic field in components after magnetical particle testing.

They are available in two ranges:-

  • + - 10 Gauss
  • + - 20 Gauss

Digital Residual Field Indicator

Product Description:

These hall effect digital residual field indicator is used to measure residual magnetic field in components after magnetical particle testing.

They are available in two ranges:-

  • +- 30 gauss
  • +- 50 gauss

They are powered by rechargeable batteries which can be easily removed and charged with free charger provided with this instrument.


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