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UV LED Torch

UV LED Torch

UV LED Torch

This is a Hand Held UV LED Light. Intensity at 15" from Lens is 1500uw/cm2. Available in Mains Operated As Well as Chargeable Battery Operated Models.

In chargeable model, the charging is done by connecting charger to the light. In case of mains operated model, an adapter is supplied along with the light to operate it from 220V Mains.


  • Light Weight
  • Negligible Heat Generation
  • Reaches Full Intensity Within a Second
  • Doesn't get switched off in coil field
  • Long Life of LED-No frequent replacement of Lamp.
  • Increased Comfort for operator due to lesser weight & heat.
  • Life of LED can be further increased by switching on the light only when it is required.
  • Environment friendly, doesn't contain any Mercury.
  • Very little power consumption.
  • Robust Construction.
  • No Expensive UV filters
  • Light output concentrated at 365nm. No need for filters and no risk of harmful UV-B radiation.
  • All Spares easily available with us.
  • Reduces overall cost of UV lighting.

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