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Magnetic Crack Detectors
For Training

Magnetic Particle Inspection forms an integral part of vocational training in all engineering, diploma & industrial training institutes. These machines have been designed to provide training to students in these institutes and students undergoing level I or level II training in NDT certification centres.

These machines use the same technology & quality as is used in our industrial machines.

Bench Type Magnetic Crack Detector

Product Description:

It is basic low cost machine for purpose of training to students in educational institutions. It is a uni vector machine which produces only head shot current. A coil can be added on request. It is available in 1000Amp Rating with a maximum job length of 300mm.

Portable Magnaflux Machine

Product Description:

Approx Price: Rs 55,000 / Piece   Minimum Order Quantity: 1 No.

This is a prod type machine for providing training to students.

It can be used to demonstrate various MPI techniques such as Head Shot, Coil Shot, Threader bar method & Cable wrap method. It is small in size & light in weight. It operates on 220V AC & takes 15 Amps from the line. The package includes ASTM PI Gauge, Dry Powder Blower, Dry Powder & User manual.

Magnetic Particle Testing Kit

Product Description:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 No.

This kit consists of One Prod type Magnetic crack detector, one AC/HWDC Yoke, One pair of Cables, One pair of Prods, ASTM PI Gauge, Dry Powder Blower & Dry Powder.

It is ideally suited for providing training to students as it can cover all techniques of MPI.


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