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Special Purpose
Magnetic Crack Detectors

There are certain types of components which can't be tested by a general purpose magnetic crack detector. This range covers those types of components. We have listed a few of them here. Please contact us if you want a customised magnetic crack detector.

We manufacture highly customised machines which include features such as job rotation & material handling systems.We specialise in manufacturing machines for customers who need to check thousands of pieces per day.

MPI machines for Steel Bars

MPI machines for Steel Bars

Product Description:

This machine is used to check seams or longitudinal defects in black or bright steel bars. The machine checks the entire length of the bar at one time. This machine is semi automatic as all the processes such as movement of bar, spray, magnetization etc. are automatic. Only Headshot method is employed.

The loading & unloading of bars from the stack is automatic.

Two models are available. One model can check bars of diameter from 12mm to 70mm. Other one can check bars from diameter of 65mm to 125mm.

MPT Machine for Coil Springs

Product Description:

This machine employs a combination of head shot & threader bar method to test coil springs. The movement of threader bar is automatic. It is available in various ampere ratings depending upon the OD of the spring.

This machine is used extensively by railways to test springs of bogie.

MPI Machine for Railway Components

Product Description:

This machine is bench type machine. It is a bigger version of the coil type/flux flow type machine. It is used to check various components of the railway engine & bogie such as Draft Gear Assembly, Anchor Links, Con Rod etc.

MPI Machine for Crank Shaft

Product Description:

This machine can test engine crank shafts up to 6m length & 2000Kg Weight. Machine has facility for automatic coil movement & Motorized Job Rotation with inching. Dark room opens from the top for loading through EOT crane. Job is rested on hydraulically operated rollers.

MPI Machines for disk shaped jobs

Product Description:

This machine is designed for testing of disk shaped components such as gear blanks before machining. The component to be tested need not have a bore in the centre. This machine is a horizontal bench type single vector machine. Magnetic field is generated by induced current method. The job is rotated by a geared motor based mechanism to generate magnetic field in the entire job.


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