Tectyl, first invented in 1940 by US Potomac Chemical Co and was then acquired by Valvoline, an affiliated company of Ashland, and has since maintained its global and specialized reputation for metal coating product to prevent metal corrosion and also to prevent product surfaces. Having acquired Tectyl brand copyrights for Asia in 1988, Tectylasia have combined the Tectyl with 40 years of exclusive metal working fluid technologies and hence established Tectylasia global network to have become a leading company which provides the world best Total Fluid Solutions. Through continuous technical developments and innovations, Tectylasia, moreover, have been growing into an environment friendly global corporation.

Water Soluble Cutting Oil

Neat Cutting Oil

Rust Preventive Oil

Protective Wax Coatings

Metal Cleaner

Drawing & Forming Oil

Heat Treatment Oil (Polymer Quenching)

Heat Treatment Oil (Oil Quenching)

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